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Time-of-Day Limits

Back in the 1970’s, the only screens in the house were the TV’s and most houses didn’t even have cable television. The antenna on the roof of the house pulled in a handful of channels, and the ones that would capture a kids attention were on in the afternoon for a couple of hours, or on Saturday mornings before noon.

Essentially, this created times of the day that we would sit in front of the screen, and times of the day that we had to do something else, because nothing interesting was on.

Today, we have round-the-clock entertainment between cable TV and Internet access.

ComputerTime Provides Time-of-Day Limits

The kids get back from school at 2pm. By setting Time-of-Day limits you allow the kids to be on the computer after dinner, but not before. Or maybe you want to at least permit them a little time to check email and IM their friends to make plans to meet at the park or at the baseball field.

If your kids play in a yard that is only 1024 by 768 pixels, then they need some help getting outside. Using ComputerTime lets you set up the flexible limits, and eliminates the need for you to pry them away from the keyboard.

Kids (and even adults) really do need to have a connection with nature. It wards off depression, makes us feel alive and well. Sunshine helps generate vitamin D to keep us healthy. Activity helps keep us fit.

Sure, the kids might get dirty, and you may have to buy some extra laundry detergent, but wouldn’t it be worth it?