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We’re in the business of trying to make your life easier. We enjoy software development, and providing products, but what makes it all worthwhile to us is when we hear enthusiastic parents telling how ComputerTime has improved their family life, or removed the frustration out of dealing with the kids and computers.

Initially our goal was to provide tools that encourage children to use the computer wisely, like ComputerTime. But once we released the software and parents started using it, we realized that we were actually providing to product that removes the frustration from parents’ lives. We were restoring peace where there was once chaos, yelling and struggle.

And that makes us even happier. It’s nice to create something that helps people just like us. Something that we create that we can use ourselves, but that when we share with others benefits them. And we get it: the frustrations that you have, and the problems we’re solving, because we’re parents too.

Our Position on Computer Use for Kids

It is sometimes assumed that our position is that computers are bad for kids or that we’re anti-computer. That’s not the case at all.

We believe the computer is an amazing tool for children for both education and recreation. Unfortunately, it can be, and often is, overused, and when that happens, it gets in the way of other important aspects of life. It just needs to be used in moderation. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends one to two hours of daily screen time (TV/Video Games/Computer). But every child and family situation is different and we provide the tool to help parents implement their own idea of how the computer should be used.


SoftwareTime was founded by a couple of dads.

Collectively, we’ve worked in various businesses writing software for Health Information Systems, Document Management, Retail, Super Computing Applications, and more. But writing software for fellow parents is the most fun we’ve had!

We are located in a shoreline community of Branford, CT in the USA. On many a sunny day, you’ll find SoftwareTime people at a nearby eatery overlooking the beautiful harbor in an area of town called Stony Creek.