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ComputerTime Beta

There is no current beta version available. Our latest version is available from our regular download page.


Latest version: (Aug 9, 2013)

What’s New?

ComputerTime 4.1 supports Microsoft Windows 8.

In addition, some stubborn full-screen games that previously were not hidden when out-of-time should now be hidden.

If all goes smoothly…

If this beta runs flawlessly for you, be sure to let us know within about five days of installing it. If we see lot of thumbs up signs, then a general release will be available sooner than later. Send an email to support@softwaretime.com.

If you encounter a problem…

If you have any problems, please promptly email support@softwaretime.com with details. The goal is to flush out any remaining problems, so we want to hear about them ASAP.

Activating ComputerTime 4.1

If you are new to ComputerTime, you will get a 14-day free trial, and you can purchase ComputerTime at the end of the trial. If we release additional Beta versions, we may extend the trial.

If you have already purchased ComputerTime, this is a free update and there’s nothing to do regarding activation.
If you install on a new computer without ComputerTime, simply use your Product Key to activate. Contact support if you have any problems or lost your product key.

Enjoy the benefits today and be a part of helping us make ComputerTime better.

Download ComputerTime 4.1 Beta.