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Mom with things under controlDownload ComputerTime and end the frustration over excessive computer use in your home.

ComputerTime makes it easy to clamp down on kids’ addictions to Facebook, online games,  and endless pointless browsing which isn’t helping them get better grades or improving their face-to-face social skills.

It works as a tool that parents can use to set time limits, so that even when you aren’t around, ComputerTime can let them know when they have had enough time and can bump them off of the computer.

Here is what one happy customer told us about ComputerTime, after she used it for a few weeks:

“ComputerTime continues to be the single best software purchase that I have ever made. Our kids read more, go outside more and have face-to-face interaction with their friends more simply because they are not glued to the screen. I was so sick of arguing with them about it that I was ready to throw the computer out the back window. Now, peace reigns!”

— Lori B., Lincoln, NE

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Up And Running in Minutes

Here is a short video showing that ComputerTime has a Profile Wizard, which will lead you through a very simple setup for each person in your family.

Watch a ComputerTime Demo Video